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EP 99 - Vertically Integrating for Massive Gains with Brian Green

Apr 17, 2023


Vertically Integrating for Massive Gains with Brian Green

Episode 99

Today’s guest craved the freedom and autonomy that’s possible as a real estate investor, so he took his business experience and jumped head first into real estate.

Brian Green has achieved great success, boasting an impressive portfolio of multi-family properties, short-term rentals, and more. He’s a ground-up developer, broker and co-founder of real estate investment and property management company, Green Springs Capital Group.

With all of his experience, Brian has great insights to help new real estate investors answer these questions and more: Do you know if you want to build a real estate business, or just be an investor? Are you skeptical of direct mail marketing?

To learn how Brian vertically integrated his businesses and became a real estate savant, listen in!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The businesses that funded Brian’s real estate business
  • Buying his first property and learning real estate roles
  • The case for direct marketing
  • Why major renovations are worth the investment
  • Determining ARV and making offers
  • His construction and property management systems/processes
  • Property management and the benefits of short-term units
  • The importance of entitlements in ground-up development
  • Two of Brian’s craziest real estate stories
  • His best advice to succeed in real estate


Find more information on Brian’s company, Green Springs Capital Group: https://greenspringscapitalgroup.com/


Connect with Brian on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenspringscapital/


Get in touch with Brian via email at [email protected]


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