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EP 91 - Investing Your Way to 7 Figure Pay Days with Alan Corey

Mar 19, 2023


So many people enter real estate with dreams of making money fast, but the reality is much different. It’s possible to find a deal that results in a big pay day, but it requires consistency and a lot of hard work.

Alan Corey is joining Mike and Dan to discuss the realities of real estate, and share how he went from aspiring comic to real estate investor. With 22 years experience investing in multiple types of assets, he’s been in the game longer than anyone we know.

After listening to this episode, you’ll know how to invest with reduced risk and snag million dollar deals. Alan also explains why you should take a mutual fund approach and NOT be a cash buyer. 

For more insights from Alan, tune in and learn from his “path to riches” story!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Alan found a passion for real estate
  • Making $1 million with house hacking and patience
  • Building his 350-door portfolio
  • Financing deals with private money
  • Alan’s House FIRE method
  • Why real estate is the best way to gain financial freedom
  • Alan’s new real estate business ventures
  • The hard work that real estate requires
  • Selling properties to celebrities
  • Alan’s tips for real estate investors

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Real Estate Maximalist https://www.realestatemaxi.com/podcasts/real-estate-maximalist

Stacking Deeds https://www.stackingbenjamins.com/deeds/

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