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EP 89 - How to make $4M in One Year Flipping Raw Land with Pete Reese

Mar 12, 2023


Collecting Keys Podcast is always pushing our listeners to create business processes and systems because they’re crucial for efficient lead generation. Without tested processes and systems, you’ll waste time and resources on unmotivated leads that stall your growth.

Joining us to discuss his business method and the processes that have helped scale his business is Pete Reese. His land flipping business reflects the success we’ve had with direct mail marketing, building a team, and most importantly, staying consistent.


Pete is so generous with his knowledge that, on his website, he shares his monthly income report that includes the exact revenue, what properties were bought and sold, how much was made on each one, and MORE. He and his wife/business partner have also started a podcast, called Turning Profit.


This can’t-miss episode with Mike’s favorite guest is for anyone who’s interested in real estate!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Starting his real estate journey with house flipping
  • Finding a passion for land investing
  • How Pete assesses the value of properties
  • Pete’s direct mail marketing process
  • Why data cleanup is important
  • Pete’s virtual team and their roles
  • Financing land deals
  • A couple of Pete’s real estate stories
  • Advice to new investors


Check out Pete Reese’s podcast, Turning Profit, to hear more about his business and lessons learned in real estate! https://turningprofit.com/all-episodes/


Get more information on land flipping on Pete’s website: https://turningprofit.com/


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