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EP 85 - Infinite Growth with The Most Unsexy Financial Product - Insurance - with Karl Schnitzer

Feb 27, 2023
EP 85 - Infinite Growth with The Most Unsexy Financial Product - Insurance - with Karl Schnitzer

Infinite Growth with The Most Unsexy Financial Product - Insurance - with Karl Schnitzer

Episode 85


Did you know it’s possible to build wealth through…insurance? Insurance is more than a death benefit payout, and today’s guest will explain how insurance can help ANYONE build wealth - especially real estate investors.


Joining the show to discuss this topic is Karl Schnitzer, realtor and infinite banking specialist at Producers Wealth. Karl opens up about his transition from law enforcement to real estate, and his passion for infinite banking. In this episode, he breaks down the concept of infinite baking and all the possibilities it has to offer, including  family generational planning, and MORE.


After listening to Karl’s conversation with hosts Mike and Dan, you’ll understand how to leverage the cash value of a life insurance policy, and invest in your real estate goals.


Tune in to learn more about the living benefits a life insurance can provide!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • From law enforcement to real estate
  • Concept of infinite banking
  • Designing whole a life insurance policy
  • Possibilities and limitations
  • Affordability of infinite banking
  • 4 pillars of the capital multiplier
  • How Karl uses infinite banking to scale his real estate business
  • The woes of tenant evictions
  • Advice to new real estate investors


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