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EP 81 - Building A Top Notch Acquisition Team with Noah Gilliom

Feb 13, 2023
EP 81 - Building A Top Notch Acquisition Team with Noah Gilliom

Episode 81

“If you have a sales team or you wanna build a sales team, Noah just literally gave you the perfect outline on how to build an acquisitions team for an off market real estate investing company.”

Noah Gilliom and his partner, Ryan Dossey, have made a name for themselves in the off-market real estate arena. Noah started off making 2K a month in wholesaling, before scaling their business in 2017 and collecting an impressive 87 keys by 2019. He’s on the show today to share how they achieved this success, and now have bigger opportunities in real estate.

Collecting Keys Podcast hosts Mike and Dan constantly stress the importance of following up on leads, and during this interview, you’ll get an in-depth look into Noah’s follow-up process. He also breaks down four main motivators that appeal to sellers, how he leads his team, and what gives them a competitive edge.

Tune in for a simple blueprint on how to build an acquisitions team, market and follow up with leads, and close deals!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Noah’s start and rise in real estate
  • The pros and cons of self-management
  • How Noah built and manages his acquisitions team
  • Landing direct-to-seller deals
  • Marketing and follow-up processes
  • Tips for talking to sellers
  • Noah’s craziest real estate stories
  • Advice to new real estate investors

Book a call with Noah here: https://calendly.com/nigilliom

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nigilliom/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/noah.gilliom

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