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EP 80 - How Millionaires are Preparing for the Recession, Balancing Acquisition and Disposition

Feb 08, 2023

EP 80 - How Millionaires are Preparing for the Recession, Balancing Acquisition and Disposition, and Dan's Fascination with Novelty Goods
Episode 80

While Mike was away attending the GoBundance 2023 Winter Adventure and Mastermind event last week, Dan was home holding down the fort. So, this episode is a mix of work and play in true Mike and Dan fashion!

Today, we discuss why joining a mastermind group is so beneficial for leveling up your success, and how nonstop marketing efforts can lead to consistent acquisition. As always, you’ll hear what’s new on the Collecting Keys homefront, including venturing into new markets and new partnerships.

We also address the bear vs. bull debate, and talk about how investors can prepare for a possible recession. For example, do you know where you should put your money to keep your cash active? Money market accounts? Treasury bonds?

Plus, get the scoop about the upcoming Collecting Keys mobile app! Tune in for all this and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:

Attending the GoBundance Winter Mastermind Event
How to prepare for the recession as an investor
Benefits of joining an entrepreneur mastermind group
Business updates and follow-ups
Balancing acquisition and disposition

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