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EP 79 - Becoming the Ultimate Passive Investor with Litan Yahav

Feb 05, 2023
EP 79 - Becoming the Ultimate Passive Investor with Litan Yahav

EP 79 - Becoming the Ultimate Passive Investor with Litan Yahav

Episode 79

From the military and a successful diamond industry startup to real estate, today’s guest is living the dream as the ultimate passive investor.


Litan Yahav is just like any newbie in real estate, having had a rough first experience and learning along the way, but his path led him to success as a passive investor. With a desire to work less, he’s spent the last seven years learning and earning as a limited partner.


In this episode, he breaks down syndications, including the roles of an operator, sponsor and syndicator, how he decides who to invest with, and what to expect in returns. He also shares his latest venture, Vyzer, a software that manages money and performance for investors with complex portfolios.


Tune in for a deep dive into syndications and Litan’s new platform!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Litan’s jump from the diamond industry to real estate
  • His first real estate investment and venturing into syndications
  • How to find good operators
  • The difference between an operator, sponsor and syndicator
  • Defining internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Why Litan prefers working with smaller operators
  • Creating Vyzer, a platform to track investments
  • Advice to new or aspiring real estate investors


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