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EP 77 - Buying Hotel's and Playing in Missle Silo's with Military to Millionaire, David Pere

Jan 30, 2023


Do you remember when Mike and Dan shared their excitement for upcoming interviews in episode 68 of Collecting Keys Podcast? Today, you’ll hear one of those interviews, this time with the most high-profile guest to date, David Pere.


David’s passion is helping veterans build wealth through real estate with his group, From Military to Millionaire, but he has journeyed on many real estate paths. He owns several properties, including a hotel RV park, and… a missile silo?


With an origin story consisting of high leverage and creative financing, David has proven himself to be a visionary. He’s currently living the dream that many real estate investors strive for — having the ability to live off passive income. David still works hard, and you’ll hear all about how he balances his business goals by learning to delegate.


Tune in to hear David’s advice and insightful tips to level up your real estate investing!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • David’s military background and starting a real estate career
  • Does David own a missile silo?
  • David’s role in facilitating deals
  • Figuring out what’s next in his career
  • Tips for encouraging creativity through delegation
  • David’s military real estate investing community
  • His craziest real estate stories
  • Advice to aspiring or new investors


Connect with David and From Military to Millionaire:





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