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EP 76 - Going From Solopreneur To A Team, The Benevolent Capitalism of Mr. Beast, And Finding Passion In Opportunities

Jan 25, 2023
EP 76 - Going From Solopreneur To A Team, The Benevolent Capitalism of Mr. Beast, And Finding Passion In Opportunities

EP 76 - Going from Solopreneur to a team, The Benevolent Capitalism of Mr. Beast, and finding Passion in Opportunities

Episode 76

Collecting Keys Podcast hosts have been sharing their goal to set up systems in their business for months now. As Mike states in this episode, “We basically already built the roof and now we're trying to build the foundation after the roof is already up.”

Among the usual business updates, Mike and Dan talk about the progress and setbacks in setting up these systems, as well as their new journey working with a business coach. They also discuss the hiring mindset, and why outsourcing tasks that aren’t your specialty are worth the investment.

In episode 75, guest Chris Prefontaine said that you can find success in real estate when you’re helping solve problems. Mike and Dan always push the importance of following up with potential sellers, and they applied both of these ideas recently and now have a sweet deal to show for it.

This episode will help you figure out when to hire outside help as a solopreneur, and plan for scaling your business with actionable tips. Tune in for all this and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • This week’s business successes
  • Lacking customer service in tech companies
  • Another tangent on Mr. Beast
  • Working with a business coach
  • Hiring employees to scale your business

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