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EP 75 - Lessons From a Master of Creative Financing With Chris Prefontaine

Jan 23, 2023
EP 75 - Lessons From a Master of Creative Financing With Chris Prefontaine

Begin listening to this episode of Collecting Keys Podcast and you’ll immediately feel the genius of today’s guest, Chris Prefontaine. As a master of creative seller financing and Smart Real Estate Coach at his company, Wicked Smart, he has a lot of knowledge to share.
Chris has over 30 years experience in real estate, and his perseverance in the 2008 recession is just one example of how he tackles real estate issues creatively, no matter what the state of the market. Unlike other professionals, he uses his expertise to help buyers and protect sellers, especially during the current affordability crisis.
Expect to learn some of the technicalities of seller financing, including the difference between sub 2 and seller wrap deals. Plus, find out how the right lawyer and CPA can support your financial goals. If this is already sounding a little complicated to you, don’t worry because Chris does a fantastic job making these concepts easier to understand.
After almost 100 episodes, Chris is the first guest to make Mike and Dan forget about their interview to just soak up his wealth of knowledge. Tune in to take notes on his insights, too!
Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Chris’s background and real estate career journey
  • Differences between the 2008 and today’s real estate market
  • How creative financing can help current affordability issues
  • Exit strategies that works for Chris and buyers
  • Legalities of title transfers and bypassing due on sale
  • Sub 2 vs. seller wrap deals
  • Chris advises Dan and Mike on a pending deal
  • Speaking to sellers that have minimal real estate knowledge
  • What you can learn from Chris’s books and coaching program
  • Chris’s craziest real estate story and professional advice
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