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EP 74 - Signing 10 New Contracts, Dealing with Appraisers, and Balancing Ambition with Contentness

Jan 18, 2023
EP 74 - Signing 10 New Contracts, Dealing with Appraisers, and Balancing Ambition with Contentness

Remember when hosts Mike and Dan said that December is slow in real estate, but things would pick up in the New Year? They predicted their future because after this last week, they have a total of 14 deals in escrow!


During this episode of Collecting Keys Podcast, you’ll hear about these deals, including one that was made possible by a simple follow-up call. Plus, have they finally sold that property that’s been giving them trouble?


Mike and Dan also discuss a tip straight from a member in their Instant Investor Program: When do you stop chasing ambition, and just be content? Hear a candid conversation on their personal ambitions and financial goals, and get advice on how to figure out your own.


If your goal is to grow your real estate business in 2023, or just live a more balanced life, don’t miss this installment of the Mike and Dan show!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • A week’s full of good business
  • Positive and negative experiences with appraisers
  • The balance between ambition and contentment
  • Perspectives on wealth and success
  • How do you maintain relationships while being ambitious?


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