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EP 73 - Building Businesses To Solve Your Own Problems With Justin Dossey

Jan 16, 2023

“It's easy to be passionate about a business, and to really try to build something well, when you were starting it and building it to solve your own problem.”

Collecting Keys Podcast host Mike says this in response to today’s guest, CEO of Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter, Justin Dossey. Both companies serve real estate investors, using direct mail and phone answering services to give them back time to focus on closing deals.

Justin shares how Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter have grown and streamlined their processes, plus new innovations on the horizon. You’ll learn why it’s worth paying extra for handwritten mail, the skills needed to work at Call Porter and deal with eccentric callers, and the importance of brand awareness.

If you’re struggling to manage all your tasks as a real estate investor, listen to this interview!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Justin’s midwest childhood and working in call centers
  • Lead management and scaling a growing business
  • Call Porter’s pricing and processes
  • Training employees and hiring overseas
  • Skills needed to succeed in a call center/sales
  • How Ballpoint Marketing was born
  • The benefits of handwritten mail marketing
  • Brand awareness is key, even in real estate
  • Paragliding
  • Two crazy real estate stories from Justin
  • Justin’s advice to new investors or business owners
  • Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter’s new Lead Engine program

Learn more about Ballpoint Marketing: https://www.ballpointmarketing.com/

Learn more about Call Porter: https://www.callporter.com/

Follow Justin Dossey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinmdossey/

Schedule a call to learn more about Ballpoint Marketing’s new Lead Engine program: https://www.ballpointmarketing.com/schedule/

Interested in working with Justin? Use promo code KEYS to score 10% off on Ballpoint Marketing services and 5% at Call Porter!

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