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EP 72 - The January Reset, Evicting Commercial Tenants, And Multifamily Investments With Current Rates

Jan 11, 2023
EP 72 - The January Reset, Evicting Commercial Tenants, And Multifamily Investments With Current Rates


In true Mike and Dan fashion, this episode of Collecting Keys Podcast is a mashup of real estate analysis and opinion, plus witty commentary on current events. You’ll hear everything from Twitter’s headline of the week, to their New Year’s resolutions.

Mike and Dan may have some issues with their own properties, but there’s a lot of exciting things happening soon. Today, learn how they’re preparing for busy times during this period of reset, and what their personal and business goals are for 2023.

They also discuss triple net leases, how successful you can truly be in the real estate market right now, and clients wins from their Instant Investor Program. Plus, find out how the gym has been a great place for business!

Tune in for all this and MORE in another installment of the Mike and Dan show!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Your new gym membership
  • Pop culture and AI’s takeover
  • Triple net leases and Twitter’s possible eviction
  • Commercial and multifamily investments
  • Mike and Dan’s newest real estate debacles
  • Current rates and real estate market
  • Virtual work and changes in the labor force
  • Goals for the new year
  • The importance of networking


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