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EP 71 - Turning Historic Properties Into HUGE Profits With Eric Rice

Jan 09, 2023
EP 71 - Turning Historic Properties Into HUGE Profits With Eric Rice

We’ve talked about wholesaling, flipping and short-term rentals. We’ve talked about multi-family and commercial properties. We’ve even talked to a real estate developer and virtual landlord. Today you’ll hear something new on Collecting Keys Podcast, as we’re joined by historic multi-use real estate investor Eric Rice.


In contrast to the problems some people have with real estate investors, Eric and his partners at Rice Pegher Capital are working to keep the authentic charm and details that make historic properties so unique. He’s outlining what it takes to be successful in the commercial and residential space, and how his team works together to grow their business.


Eric is also a member of Mike and Dan’s Instant Investor Pro Service Program, so you’ll hear how he’s benefited from their marketing and lead intake. In fact, he’s about to close on his first deal!


Tune in to learn how Eric found his niche, and get advice from someone with experience!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The type of properties Eric works on
  • Why Eric left his job as a real estate agent
  • Eric and his partner’s first historic mixed-use deal
  • Rules and regulations of historic mixed-use properties
  • Are these properties more expensive than the average?
  • How Eric determines ROI and ROE
  • Eric outlines a new deal they’re about to close on
  • Making creative deals in this new market
  • Future goals for Rice Pegher Capital
  • Rice Pegher Capital processes and employees
  • One of Eric’s crazy real estate stories


Learn more Rice Pegher Capital on their website, and follow them on Instagram! You can also directly email Eric here.


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