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EP 69 - Skipping The Small Stuff And Buying 500 Doors By Age 31 With Michael Wagman

Jan 02, 2023
EP 69 - Skipping The Small Stuff And Buying 500 Doors By Age 31 With Michael Wagman

When you find something that interests you, sometimes it’s best to jump in and get started. As Mike and Dan always warn against, “analysis paralysis” is dangerous because in the ever-changing world of real estate, there’s no room for hesitation or self-doubt.

Speaking with Collecting Keys Podcast hosts Mike and Dan today about his surprising real estate journey is Michael Wagman, a young 31-year-old with an already impressive portfolio. Michael started flipping houses and tried out a few other real estate paths before finding his home in multifamily properties.

With $70 million portfolio of 500 units, Michael’s perseverance is what truly made him successful. You’ll learn about his failures and successes, including how he leveled up and found a network to build a team for his business.

He’s sharing his processes and offering advice to those new in the industry, so this episode shouldn’t be missed!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Michael’s career and starting in real estate
  • Everyone’s first flip/investment
  • House hacking and expanding his portfolio
  • What Michael tried and didn’t like
  • Learning about and closing on his first multifamily deal
  • Explaining value add syndications
  • The deal that changed Michael’s view on residential real estate
  • Building confidence and finding deals
  • Michael’s advice to newbies in real estate
  • What’s next for his company, Nimble Capital Group
  • A crazy real estate story from Michael

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