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EP 68 - Dealing With $1M Issues, Tips For Better SOPs, And Losing Tenant's Pets

Dec 28, 2022
EP 68 - Dealing With $1M Issues, Tips For Better SOPs, And Losing Tenant's Pets

Winter is a quiet time for real estate, but it’s been an eventful week for Collecting Keys Podcast hosts because Mike and Dan have been canceled. Well, their $100,000 line of credit has been canceled for another year, that is.

In this episode, find out what happened and get an inventory of Mike and Dan’s current projects. Since the market is slow, it’s the perfect time for Mike and Dan to finalize a game plan for next year, including their investing strategies and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

They also answer a few important questions: Do you need a framework and SOPs to start making real money? Can AI help the real estate industry? How do you avoid analysis paralysis? Who is the most successful athlete, Lionel Messi or Michael Jordan?

Tune in for advice and updates from Mike and Dan, plus learn why Mike waived rent for his tenants!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Business updates
  • Why have Mike and Dan been canceled?
  • The risky business of leveraging
  • SOPs and AI
  • How necessary are SOPs?
  • Messi vs. Jordan

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