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EP 67 - The Insanely Simple Steps To Early Financial Freedom with Brad Dumas

Dec 26, 2022
EP 67 - The Insanely Simple Steps To Early Financial Freedom with Brad Dumas


One amazing deal can change the trajectory of your real estate investing, but so can smaller deals that add up to plenty of cash flow to grow your portfolio.

Brad Dumas is a wealth manager and ex-Notre Dame football player, who accomplished this by starting his real estate journey with turning his primary residences into rentals. He’s sharing his acquisition strategy, buying criteria, and how they’ve both changed over his few years in the business.

Similar to Collecting Keys Podcast hosts, Brad has also had to learn the ups and downs of working with contractors, employees, and tenants. If you can relate, you’ll want to hear his advice on finding people you can trust to do business with.

To learn more about how Brad played the slow and steady game to succeed in real estate, tune in!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • How Brad got into real estate
  • Brad’s buying criteria and why his underwriting is “lazy”
  • Shifting to buying larger properties to rent
  • Has the market changed the pace of real estate?
  • Brad’s 2022 portfolio
  • Balancing real estate and investing in other assets
  • Plans for the future
  • Tips on finding a good property manager and tenants
  • Brad’s craziest real estate story
  • Advice to anyone getting into the industry


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