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EP 65 - Making 7 Figure Profits By Subdividing Land with Damon Amato

Dec 19, 2022
EP 65 - Making 7 FEP 65 - Making 7 Figure Profits By Subdividing Land with Damon Amatoigure Profits By Subdividing Land with Daman Amato

It’s a falsehood that you can get into the real estate market without spending any of your own money. Everyone needs designated finances to get into real estate, and today’s guest did that in an unconventional way — playing online poker.


Not only did Damon Amato build his own house from poker money, but he also started a real estate career that has led to multi-million dollar deals. Damon’s work as a real estate developer, specifically in land development and zoning, has given him the finances to be able to retire and have the lifestyle he wants for himself and his family.


So, how did he do it? Money is the only thing that helps you succeed in real estate; you need to have a strong work ethic and adaptability. In fact, Damon lost $100,000 on his first deal but didn’t let it break his desire to succeed in real estate, and he was earning 7 figures after just a handful of years.


To hear how Damon is learning to become a leader at his company, plus advice for getting into real estate, listen in!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Damon on making money through online poker and getting into real estate
  • His first deal that almost ended in bankruptcy
  • Work in real estate never stops
  • Where Damon found guidance and motivation in the industry
  • The story of Damon’s first win
  • Learning real estate zoning and building a business
  • Damon’s current portfolio
  • Learning to be a business leader
  • Damon’s craziest real estate story
  • Creating a new app, Flip Trader


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