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EP 64 - Flipping in this Downward Market, Our views on "Morning Routines", and How to Analyze "Statistics" on the News

Dec 14, 2022
EP 64 - Flipping in this Downward Market, Our views on

Another week, another update on Mike and Dan’s projects! With an estimated half a million in capital tied up from just this year’s dealings, business is reminiscent of the current real estate market: things could be better.


On this episode, Mike and Dan make predictions for the market and give their opinion on the success of flipping houses during this time of instability. They discuss the significance of value in this market, and also give valuable advice to anyone who wants to start flipping.


From a nostalgic look back to the early days of the show, to a conversation on the significance of finding motivation in a flow state, this episode has everything we love about Collecting Keys Podcast!


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Topics discussed in this episode:


  • A look back at the beginning days of the show and real estate journey
  • The importance of getting out of your element to stay motivated
  • Morning routines and trendy wellness routines
  • Real estate in the news
  • An update on Mike and Dan’s difficult flip
  • Is it a good idea to flip houses in this market?
  • Plans for the future
  • Advice to those who want to flip houses


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