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EP 5 - How A Mastermind Can Change Everything

Nov 11, 2021
EP 5 - How A Mastermind Can Change Everything

Are masterminds worth it? Let’s talk about it! In this episode of the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investing Podcast, we highlight the benefits of joining a mastermind group and going to professional meetups, particularly for real estate investors. From networking and reflecting on your accomplishments to setting bigger goals and learning from the best in the industry – mastermind groups open doors that you may not even know are right in front of you.

Besides masterminds, we also talk about our specific goals for 2022, why we think corporate careers are much more risky than a career in real estate, and what you should do if you’re tired of flipping houses but you still want to collect a passive income from real estate. Plus, you’ll get an update on our seller that was abducted (listen to ep 4 first for the full story, if you haven’t already)!


Key Points From This Episode:

Why we joined a mastermind group & What we think of Ryan Dossey’s Create Cash Flow Program compared to other masterminds. [00:33]

Is it possible to become a millionaire or centimillionaire from real estate? [06:36]

One of Dan’s biggest goals: Remembering the good parts of life. [09:45]

Comparing the risk and discomfort in a corporate career vs. a career in real estate investment. [13:06]

Our biggest takeaways from the mastermind meetup & Dan’s new goals inspired by the mastermind. [17:43]

What is our revenue goal for our investment business in 2022? [21:47]

Update on our kidnapped seller. [25:12]

What happens when you’re tired of flipping houses but you still want to invest in real estate and collect passive income? [27:02]


“I think the main value of [a mastermind or meetup] comes from the after-hours socializing and the networking that you do. I think that goes for any sort of even like that.” - Michael DeHaan [0:2:36]

“It’s kind of funny looking back because you look at the group as a whole and you’re like 99% of these people would never talk to each other if it wasn’t for our mutual interest in developing a business this way.” — Michael DeHaan [0:04:43]


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