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EP 161 - Going from Investor to Business Owner with Shelby Johnson

Nov 20, 2023

Going from Investor to Business Owner with Shelby Johnson

Episode 161

Many investors are drawn to the allure of cash flow. However, as they grow and experience the challenges of property management, some realize that cash flow is not their goal but a part of a larger wealth building strategy. This was especially true for Shelby Johnson, a real estate investor, broker, and podcast host.

In this episode, Shelby shares her original investment strategy that allowed her to amass a portfolio of 74 rentals in just three years, and how her investment approach and priorities have shifted during her career. She walks us through her journey from “drinking the real estate Kool-Aid” to learning from her experiences to forge her own path to success.

You’ll also hear how she balances being CEO of Five Pillars Nation, her entrepreneur-driven brokerage team, a host of two real estate podcasts, and managing her nationwide meetup group, Pints & Properties.

Shelby has great advice for new or smaller investors looking to scale their business, so tune in now!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The early days of Shelby’s investment career
  • Shelby’s creative financing strategies
  • The truth about cash flow
  • Building and evolving her brokerage team
  • Successes and challenges of Pints & Properties
  • How Shelby balances all her businesses

Learn more about Five Pillars Nation here: https://fivepillarsnation.com/

Connect with Shelby Johnson:





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