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EP 159 - Building ADUs for HUGE Value Add with Alvin Uy

Nov 13, 2023

Building ADUs for HUGE Value Add with Alvin Uy

Episode 159

From Shark Tank contestant to designer and now successful real estate pro, Alvin Uy is a true entrepreneur with an unparalleled drive. His commitment to learning the ropes of the real estate game has made him a jack of all trades — he started a mortgage company, rehabbed properties, earned his real estate license, and more.

In this episode of Collecting Keys Podcast, Alvin shares his 20 years of experience building an impressive portfolio in California’s tough real estate market. Backed with a wealth of knowledge, he’s been able to find opportunity in every real estate cycle, even today’s dynamic market marred by high interest rates.

Alvin also dives into California’s SB9 rule and his success with accessory dwelling units (ADUs), which he refers to as the “new California gold rush.” You’ll also learn the importance of creativity in real estate investing, tailoring your strategy to local conditions, and lots more.

Tune in for lessons in ADUs and property development from Alvin Uy!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How being an immigrant shaped Alvin’s work ethic 
  • Leveraging his business experience to transition into real estate
  • Alvin’s approach to real estate
  • Investment strategies and developing ADUs
  • The story of Alvin’s first property




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