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EP 158 - Real Estate Transactions Might Be Changing Forever, The Billion Dollar Scammer

Nov 08, 2023

Real Estate Transactions Might Be Changing Forever, The Billion Dollar Scammer

Episode 158

The economy has been getting more and more weird, and the effect is no more evident than in the real estate space: There has been an increase of scams, rising defaults in commercial loans for office buildings, and now a major lawsuit targeting realtors.

In this episode, hosts Mike and Dan do a deep dive into antitrust laws and the recent lawsuit against big organizations like the National Association of Realtors and Keller Williams. They explore how this type of large-scale lawsuit could change the real estate landscape, and speculate on the future of the industry.

As Mike and Dan tell stories of high-profile scammers and the impact of the economy on the real estate market, you’ll find out what type of deals they’re avoiding and how you can stay ahead regardless of market conditions.

Tune in to get updated on current real estate news, and learn how the rules of real estate transactions might change!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Antitrust laws and the home sellers lawsuit
  • The responsibility of realtors versus wholesalers
  • Real estate scams that are making headlines
  • The future of real estate transactions
  • Pitfalls of commercial real estate
  • Our market predictions
  • How to navigate the tumultuous market




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