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EP 154 - Lessons from a Millionaire Conference

Oct 25, 2023

Lessons from a Millionaire Conference

Episode 154

Collecting Keys hosts Mike and Dan have always driven about the importance of networking as a real estate investor. Well, this past week they put their words into action and attended a week-long Gobundance millionaire conference.

In this episode, you’ll hear about their experience and what they learned about being successful beyond just business. They talk about the positive impact of being around like-minded people, the stress of reaching that first level of millionaire status, the role your circle and values play in expanding your empire, and MORE.

Mike and Dan also share issues that occurred while they were away at this mastermind conference, as well as the problems they’ve been having lately with third-party providers. This leads into a discussion on the vulnerabilities of business and how to prepare for things to go wrong.

Even if you can’t attend one of these masterminds yet yourself, this episode will give you a look into what they have to offer. Tune in now!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dan and Mike’s main takeaways from the Gobundance conference
  • The advantages and challenges of vertical integration
  • Combating vulnerabilities with a business continuity plan
  • Building a pipeline of potential hires
  • Business updates and what to expect in a future episode

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