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EP 151 - Using Service Providers To Find Distressed Properties with McKinney Holland

Oct 16, 2023

Using Service Providers To Find Distressed Properties with McKinney Holland

Episode 151

Remember the story we shared back in episode 86 about an Instant Investor Program member who built an awesome lead gen system by creating a junk removal proxy business? Well, his name is McKinney Holland and he’s on the show today to talk about his real estate journey.

McKinney is one of the first Instant Investor members, and he’s the poster boy for what you can achieve when you have an entrepreneurial spirit and take advantage of what a mastermind has to offer. He still works a W2 job but is set to make $200,000 from his real estate business this year, boasting high response and conversion rates.

In this episode, McKinney shares how he went from being interested in real estate as an accountant to a hard money lender to starting new businesses and entering niche markets. You’ll learn his process for direct mail, closing deals on pre-foreclosures, and how he keeps margins tight to yield big returns.

Tune in to hear how McKinney runs his business and what he’s planning for the future!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How McKinney started his real estate career
  • His junk hauling lead gen businesses
  • How he saves on direct mail marketing
  • His lead gen system for targeting pre-foreclosures
  • Why he’s investing in Flint, MI
  • What’s contributed to his success
  • The power of networking and engagement 
  • McKinney’s goals and plans for the future
  • One of his wild real estate stories
  • Tips for speaking to sellers


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