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EP 150 - Is the Real Estate Market Reaching a Tipping Point?

Oct 11, 2023

Is the Real Estate Market reaching a tipping point?

Episode 150

If you haven’t already listened to episode 135 with experienced real estate investor Aaron Amuchastegui, go ahead and give it a listen now because host Mike DeHaan just got back from a week-long meetup hosted by Aaron and he’s sharing his takeaways from the event!

Aaron is a pro at spotting trends in real estate and the economy, and he’s noticed something he calls “micro collapses” in some markets. In this episode, you’ll hear more about these collapses and what they could mean for the real estate market as a whole, as well as why in-person masterminds with high-level investors are worth the investment. 

Mike and Dan also discuss what they find exciting in business, the risks you can take as a high-level operator, and how real estate can help you save on your taxes. Dan defines depreciation and cost segregation, explaining why you would accelerate depreciation and what you need to know before paying for a cost seg study.

Tune in as we get into topics like the shifting real estate market, networking with successful investors, and the tax benefits of being a real estate investor!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The perks of reaching a high level of success in your business
  • What Mike learned during his week in Austin with Aaron Amuchastegui
  • What excites us in business
  • Depreciation and cost segregation
  • When a cost seg study is a waste of time

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