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EP 145 - Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Canada with Nick Hill

Sep 25, 2023

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Canada with Nick Hill
Episode 145
Nick Hill of The Canadian Real Estate Investor podcast and his partners have made a huge name for themselves in Canadian real estate. He’s a mortgage agent, real estate investor, and works in brokerage and lending services through their company, LandBank. Nick’s success in all these areas come down to the fundamentals of real estate, which he and Mike discuss today.
In this episode, Nick talks about his real estate career, how he’s grown his businesses with his podcast, and his goals for the future. Plus, he has wonderful advice for new investors looking to break into real estate.
You’ll also learn the nuances of Canadian real estate, including the major differences between real estate in the United States and how that changes Nick and his team’s approach to prospecting deals.
Tune in to learn more about Canadian real estate, their housing culture, and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Nick’s real estate career and businesses
  • Real estate growth and challenges in Canada
  • How his team assesses deals
  • The “missing middle” and housing crisis
  • The LandBank team and their brokering/lending process
  • Using a podcast to grow your business and brand
  • Our crazy real estate stories
  • The best way to get started in real estate
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