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EP 143 - Using Real Estate To Leave A Legacy with Calvin Chin

Sep 18, 2023


Using Real Estate To Leave A Legacy with Calvin Chin

Episode 143


Like many of us, today’s guest discovered real estate after deciding he wanted to leave his W2 job. The journey to leave his high-salary job and turn his real estate side hustle into a full-time job was filled with challenges that new investors like you can learn from.


Calvin Chin is a successful real estate investor doing everything from multi-family to short-term rental properties, and wellness centers. Real estate investing is his first priority, but he’s found true fulfillment in being a problem solver, building businesses that support his investments and his desire to leave a legacy and make a positive impact.


In this episode, Calvin goes over his portfolio and businesses in real estate investment, brokerage, property management and more. He also shares how he scaled his real estate business, and the importance of resiliency when learning the ropes as a real estate investor.

Tune in to hear his tips on creating your own legacy as a real estate investor!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • How Calvin grew his real estate portfolio while working a W2 job
  • Virtual investing in out-of-state markets
  • Lessons learned from his first big investment
  • Making the shift from a W2 job to full-time real estate investor
  • Balancing investing and building businesses
  • Calvin’s portfolio and businesses
  • Advice to new and growing real estate investors


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