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EP 142 - What the TOP Real Estate Investors are currently doing, Not everyone should "Buy a Business," Here Comes The Accelerator Program

Sep 13, 2023


What the TOP Real Estate Investors are currently doing, Not everyone should "Buy a Business," Prepare for our REI Accelerator

Episode 142


“It's not easy, but it's simple to make very legitimate money when you have a pipeline of deals, which isn't that complicated to build.”


The truth is, it ISN’T complicated to start a real estate investing business. You don’t even need a lot of money to get started, just a thought-out process and consistency.


In this episode, Mike and Dan go over their simple process for building a pipeline of deals and what it takes to scale a business. They also examine what the top investors are doing to get ready for a turnaround in the market, and how you should be preparing too.


There are many advantages to owning your own business, but if you’re thinking about trying the “get rich quick” trends on social media, listen to this episode to find out what red flags to look out for before taking financial advice from these influencers.

Plus, the Collecting Keys business is expanding! The new Accelerator program is launching on October 1st and your hosts are excited to tell you how it can jumpstart your real estate investing business.

Tune in to learn more about this launch, and why now is a great time to get into real estate investing!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • What we’re noticing in the market and how investors are responding
  • The truth about buying businesses
  • Why you should avoid most influencer trends
  • Advantages of owning your own business
  • Our simple approach to building a real estate business
  • What we’re offering in the new Real Estate Investor Accelerator program


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