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EP 140 - How We Run Our Business While Overseas, What it really takes to SCALE, How to BRRRR Seller Finance Deals

Sep 06, 2023


Title Company Drama, In Person Masterminds, and Making $10k in 1 month FAST

Episode 140

Mike is BACK after his 2 week trip to Europe. How the business do in his absence and how can you ensure your business operates in a way that allows you to travel? Listen to this epsiode to find out.

During this episode, hosts Mike and Dan share how systems and processes theyve put together allow them to step away from time to time and, although not perfect, keep the business operating without too much of a hiccup. 

Next they dive into the mindset and practices you need to get comfortable with if you really want to scale your business. Once you know the basics, its all about systems and consistency and they dive into exactly what that looks like.

Finally, they talk about their most recent Seller Finance acquisition and their strategy to BRRRR the property while still maintaining their sweet seller finance terms. Its not as complicated as you might think, you just need to understand your options.

Tune in for another installment of the Mike and Dan show!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Systems that allow your business to run while you travel
  • The benefits of stepping away from your business from time to time
  • The mindset you need for your business to scale.
  • Why most people are unable to scale their businesses
  • How it is possible to BRRRR a seller finance deal without needing to pay off the loan

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