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EP 139 - Building The Rental Property Snowball with Jordan Moorhead

Sep 04, 2023


Building The Rental Property Snowball with Jordan Moorhead

Episode 139


Thinking of a career in real estate but don’t have the capital? House hacking may be the jumpstart you need to start making deals and building wealth.


According to today’s guest, Jordan Moorhead, house hacking is the training wheels of real estate, offering a great opportunity to learn the basics of real estate — and it’s hard to mess up. He’s now a successful realtor and real estate investor, but started house hacking with a small amount of money and has continued to use the strategy throughout his career.


In this episode, find out how Jordan used house hacking to scale his business, what he looks for in a property, and why having a business partner is beneficial, especially for new investors. He also talks about house hacking by way or renting versus a live-in flip, and Mike shares his own experience with living in a home he was flipping.

Tune in to learn more about house hacking, reinvesting your money, and scaling your business!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The evolution of Aaron’s real estate career
  • What he loves about living and working in Texas
  • Why house hacking is a great entrypoint into real estate
  • The benefits of house hacking and having a real estate partner
  • What makes a good property for house hacking
  • House hacking when you have a family


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