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EP 138 - Title Company Drama, In Person Masterminds, and Making $10k in 1 month FAST

Aug 30, 2023


Title Company Drama, In Person Masterminds, and Making $10k in 1 month FAST

Episode 138


In true real estate fashion, the past week for Collecting Keys business has been filled with a few obstacles: there’s been issues with title companies, a double closing, and uneasy sellers.


During this episode, hosts Mike and Dan share how they’re dealing with these issues, including one deal on a distressed piece of land that’s gotten a bit complicated. They also discuss overcoming limiting beliefs and the fear of failure, as well as the benefits of going to a mastermind event, giving updates on their upcoming mastermind weekend for Instant Investor group members, KeysCon.

Plus, do you remember our $10K challenge from episode 84? We finally hammered out the details and have a BIG prize to offer, so you don’t want to miss this episode.

Tune in for another installment of the Mike and Dan show!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Why we have so many unreleased episodes
  • Getting started versus getting it perfect
  • How title companies are messing with our transactions process
  • The complexities of a double closing
  • Instant Investor Program KeysCon updates
  • Why you should attend a mastermind event
  • Our $10K Challenge and Dan’s big idea


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