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EP 137 - Becoming a Self Proclaimed Trailer Boy with Aaron Bihl

Aug 28, 2023


Becoming a Self Proclaimed Trailer Boy with Aaron Bihl

Episode 137


You want to start a career as a real estate investor, but what should you do — flipping, wholesaling, or something else entirely?


In this episode with guest Aaron Bihl, you’ll find out how you can find your niche in real estate and become a leader in your market. Aaron has experience as a realtor, flipper and wholesaler, but he and his partner found their niche in mobile homes and are racking up the deals. In fact, they’re set to close 14 deals this week!


While there’s beauty in building your own business, Aaron has learned many important lessons the hard way, including how to scale responsibly and analyze deals in the new arena of mobile homes. He also has valuable advice on establishing a good partnership and growing your real estate business.

Tune in to learn why Aaron is the self-proclaimed “trailer boy,” and why you shouldn’t write off mobile homes as a real estate opportunity!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The evolution of Aaron’s real estate career
  • The process of setting up a real estate partnership
  • What makes a good partnership
  • How Aaron and his partner found success in mobile homes
  • Things to remember when venturing in mobile homes
  • Aaron’s bizarre experiences with two sellers
  • The best way to learn real estate investing


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