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EP 135 - Operating At A Level That Competes with Hedgefunds with Aaron Amuchastegui

Aug 21, 2023

Operating At A Level That Competes with Hedgefunds with Aaron Amuchastegui
Episode 135
Systems provide every business a foundation for growth; they optimize time and resources while clearing a path to scale rapidly. Today's guest, Aaron Amuchastegui, is a master of system building, surviving the ups and downs of the real estate market to make millions.

Hosts Mike and Dan are BIG advocates of systemization, so this conversation with Aaron has quite a few highlights they’re excited to share. From his mindset around hiring to his system for finishing flips in just 4-5 days, Aaron has a ton of knowledge and wisdom you’ll want to apply to your real estate business.

In this episode, Aaron talks about making mistakes and learning from through multiple market cycles, his passion for analyzing the economy, and what you can do to capitalize on market shifts.

Tune in to hear Aaron’s tips for long-term wealth, and scaling your business!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Aaron’s background influenced his real estate career
  • What led to his buy and hold strategy
  • His approach to building systems and scaling business
  • How he pivoted his business during the pandemic
  • Aaron’s current portfolio and where it’s shifting
  • His real estate and economy predictions
  • What’s going on with cap rate compression
  • How you can survive (and capitalize on) the ever changing market
Connect with Aaron on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronamuchastegui/
Learn more about Aaron and check out his course offerings here: https://www.aaronamuchastegui.com/links/

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