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EP 109 - Using Direct Mail to Find Multifamily Properties with Ryan Corcoran

May 22, 2023

Using Direct Mail to Find Multifamily Properties with Ryan Corcoran

Episode 109


In this episode, we’re speaking with guest Ryan Corcoran about one of our favorite topics: direct mail.


Ryan has found success in the tough niche of off-market multi-family real estate investing, building a portfolio of 250 keys in just 7 years. We discuss our shared passion for direct mail marketing, and the importance of marketing in real estate.


After listening, you’ll have a better understanding of multi-family wholesaling and how to get in contact with sellers, as well as why the people you surround yourself with matters.


Tune in to hear Ryan’s real estate journey, and start your own with his actionable advice!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Leaving the medical field to focus on real estate
  • The best way to build wealth as a real estate investor
  • Why you need to surround yourself with successful people
  • Ryan’s marketing results with direct mail
  • Analyzing property value
  • Ryan’s multi-family wholesaling process
  • How Ryan landed a super sweet land development deal
  • Steps to get started in real estate


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