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EP 108 - How to Choose A Coach, Top Takeaways from $50k Mastermind, Systems in REI Businesses

May 17, 2023

How to Choose A Coach, Top Takeaways from $50k Mastermind, Systems in REI Businesses

Episode 108


We’re big proponents of creating systems to make your real estate business run smoothly, but these systems are the key to succeeding in any business.


In this episode, Mike and Dan reflect on their own business journey and the systems that have made their day-to-day operations less hectic. They also review key takeaways from their first business mastermind event with business coach Steve Rozenberg.


Thinking of hiring your own coach or joining a mastermind group? Mike and Dan share tips and red flags to consider before making a decision, such as networking opportunities, how they can further your own business goals, and more.


If you want to find out why Mike and Dan hired Steve as their business coach, listen to this episode and then go back to his interview in episode 95!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • What we learned from our first business mastermind weekend
  • How to pick the right coach or mastermind group for you
  • The 3 parts of a business
  • Common mistakes business owners make
  • A lesson from Mike about sunk cost bias
  • Changing your mindset around business


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