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EP 107 - From Taking 2 Years To Your First Deal to 1000 Units With Matt Picheny

May 15, 2023

From Taking 2 Years To Your First Deal to 1000 Units with Matt Picheny

Episode 107

Of the skills that will make you a successful real estate investor, commitment to doing the hard work even when the deals are flowing in is perhaps the most important.


Today’s guest, Matt Picheny, has an impressive background as an entrepreneur and Tony Award winner, but he also boasts a portfolio of 10,000 units. In this episode, he shares how he scaled his business to become a full-time real estate investor.


Some of the most important lessons you can take from this interview are the value of relationships in real estate, self-education, and traits like resiliency. Plus, Matt tells a tense story of almost losing a $52 million deal!


Listen to this episode if you want to learn more about syndication, passive investing, and building relationships.


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Matt’s real estate “lightbulb moment”
  • The skills that lend to a career in real estate
  • How Matt successfully made the leap into multi-family investing
  • Sponsoring his first $10 million deal
  • Building important relationships
  • Matt’s theater background and investment in Broadway shows
  • A $52 million deal that almost fell through

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