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EP 106 - Why Residential Real Estate Rules In This Market, Focusing on Massive Income not Passive Income

May 10, 2023

Passive income is a dream, but there’s only so far it can take you. If you want to escape your W2, then massive income is where your focus should be.

In this episode of the Mike and Dan show, we discuss the misconceptions and limitations of passive income, how to get hired for a virtual job, and why we’re just not that interested in commercial real estate.

We also get into Mike’s controversial Instagram posts, Collecting Keys business updates, and MORE.

Plus, Dan has an easy, actionable tip that will help you avoid common issues when closing on a property. Tune in now!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What’s going on with business-owned real estate
  • Working remotely and building a virtual work culture
  • Why we’re not that interested in commercial real estate
  • The limitations of passive income
  • How to escape your W2
  • Leasing a car versus buying a property
  • Business updates and closing issues

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