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EP 105 - Buying Houses With 0% Interest Debt (Seriously!) With Brandon Elliott

May 08, 2023

Buying Houses with 0% Interest Debt (Seriously!) with Brandon Elliott
Episode 105
“If money was ever the issue, understand that credit can be the solution.”
Believe it or not, real estate investing is possible using JUST credit. In this episode, today’s guest, Brandon Elliot, speaks to host Mike Dehaan about his journey from house arrest to $8.5 million in real estate by mastering the game of credit.
Brandon breaks down how he taught himself the ins and outs of real estate investing, got 30+ lines of credit with 0% interest, and liquidated them into cash to close on deals. Plus, he talks about his passion to teach others his methods at his company, Credit Counsel Elite.
Tune in to learn how to leverage credit cards to start investing in real estate, scale your business, travel hack, and more!
Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Brandon’s background and the start of his real estate career
  • How he utilized credit lines and promotional offers
  • Why Brandon uses credit cards to pay contractors
  • His company’s 4-step process for mass applying
  • What other ways he funds his deals
  • How Brandon manages multiple lines of credit
  • The perks of opening multiple lines of credit
  • Brandon’s current investment portfolio
  • Why he loves teaching others his process
  • A truly crazy real estate story
  • Advice to brand new investors
Learn more about Brandon Elliot at https://www.brandonelliottinvestments.com/home!
Get help from Credit Counsel Elite at https://www.creditcounselelite.com/.

Connect with Brandon:


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