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EP 104 - Biden's new Mortgage Policy, Buying Carol Baskin's Home, Working with a Business Coach

May 02, 2023


Episode 104

Collecting Keys does not take a stance on politics, but President Biden’s new mortgage policy should be on the radar of every real estate investor. During this episode, we break down the policy and its value to real estate investors. 

In other news, the Collecting Keys Instant Investor group has some interesting deals on the table, including buying a home from… Carol Baskin?

Mike and Dan also talk about the ups and downs of off-market real estate, how they can tell a good wholesaler apart from a lazy one, and the work they’re doing with their business coach, Steve Rozenberg.

Join us as we reminisce on the weird world of off market real estate, our newest hires, and more business updates!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The benefits of Biden’s new mortgage policy
  • An incredible story from the Collecting Keys Instant Investor group
  • Why off-market investors are the best people to work with
  • The ups and downs of working as an off-market real estate investor
  • Our average return on investment
  • Scaling business with a business coach

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