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EP 102 - Hiring as you Scale, Embracing Abundance with your Staff, What Business Influencers Get Wrong

Apr 25, 2023

Are you noticing a misalignment between your goals and the employees that help run your business? That might be because as your business grows, you should also be evaluating your process for hiring and leading your team.

After 42 employees in just 3.5 years, Mike and Dan are finally working with employees that are just as invested in the long-term growth of Collecting Keys as they are. Employees are more engaged, the sales team is doing great, and business is thriving!

In this episode, they discuss how they reached this point, such as hiring new employees as they scale and creating an environment that encourages progress. Plus, Mike shares how this growth has also changed his view on popular business influencers.

If you’re experiencing these kinds of growing pains, tune in to this episode!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Progress in business and new deals
  • Mistakes entrepreneurs/small business owners make
  • Scaling your business and the right hiring mindset
  • How much culture fit matters in the hiring process
  • Where you should look for guidance/advice

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