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EP 101 - Midterm Rental Mastery with Sarah Weaver

Apr 23, 2023

Midterm Rental Mastery with Sarah Weaver

Episode 101


According to today’s guest, Sarah Weaver, running a successful business as a real estate investor is all about mindset. If you want to grow, you have to think like an investor — and sometimes that means investing out of state.


Sarah has found her niche in midterm rentals, and out-of-state investing was the game changer for her and many of her clients. She’s built four businesses to support other real estate investors, including Arya Design Services, which helps investors set up properties out of state.


In this episode, she shares how she finds properties in new markets, her marketing strategies, and the process of self-managing her 19 properties. Plus, learn about her newest business, Invested Adventures, and how she’s able to live a nomadic lifestyle as a business owner.


If you’re thinking about investing in midterm rentals, listen to our interview with Sarah now!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Why we’re so impressed with Sarah and her business mindset
  • How Arya Design Services helps clients set up midterm rentals
  • The difference between midterm rentals and short-term rentals
  • What to look for in a property location
  • The choice to self-managing properties
  • Benefits and cost of Arya Design Services
  • Finding community through her company, Invested Adventures
  • The “after effect” of trips
  • Sarah’s craziest real estate investing story
  • Insightful advice to hopeful investors


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