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EP 4 – Our Seller Was Abducted At Closing?

Nov 04, 2021
EP 4 – Our Seller Was Abducted At Closing?

This is not a drill! Our seller [allegedly] got kidnapped! Tune in to hear the story… 

In this episode of the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investing Podcast, we update you on the challenges and wins we’re having right now, from missing sellers to finding furniture for our Airbnb. We talk about what it’s like dealing with squatters, navigating ethical dilemmas in real estate investing, and why you should never say no to FHA loan offers. Plus, you’ll learn an easy hack for furnishing your Airbnb rentals when you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • We got a scary phone call from our Acquisitions Manager… [00:54]
  • Telling the story of how our seller got abducted by another buyer during a signing… and he’s still missing? [01:46] 
  • Wins of the week: A new wholesale deal, joint-venturing with our main competitors!  [07:48]
  • Lack of regulation makes it easy to have poor ethics in real estate investing. [09:42]
  • We got our largest property under contract this week & Is lending easier with larger properties? [13:13]
  • How we solved out Airbnb furniture problem & When to hire a personal shopper. [17:09]
  • Every detail matters in short-term rentals & The benefits of having a functional desk/work space in your Airbnb. [20:17]
  • Client communication & Dealing with upset clients. [23:00]
  • Why you shouldn’t say you don’t accept FHA offers. [26:06]
  • One of the biggest ethical dilemmas in real estate investing. [29:49]
  • Lessons learned from this week: When pivoting to something new, go into it system-minded & Getting good reviews on Airbnb takes preparation. [31:48]
  • Lesson learned from this week: Don’t count your winnings until the money is in your bank account. [33:53]



“Sometimes, with these people, if you’re too nice, they’ll just take everything they can get from you.” – Michael DeHaan [0:30:54]

“What you and I would do is hodge-podge all of our furniture we don’t want in our house and throw it in there and for some Airbnb’s that’s totally fine, but for this one… if we’re gonna maximize the dollar amount because of the location… it just makes sense.” — Dan Austin [0:19:29]

“You’ve gotta learn somehow, right? And if you [are] afforded the opportunity, take advantage of it.” — Dan Austin [0:17:00]


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