About Us

Mike DeHaan
Lead Generation Master. Systems Specialist. Obviously Hilarious.

After spending 5 years as a corporate engineer, I found my major skillset and passion in building scalable repeatable systems. After quitting my engineering career in 2018 with no plan, I spent the following 2 years studying Real Estate Investing and business before joining forces with Dan in late 2019 to start our investing business.

Since we started, the system I designed has been tweaked, defined, and simplified to allow us to speak to hundreds of motivated sellers every month and build a rental portfolio of over 40 units between 23 individual properties (as of January 2022) while simultaneously completing over almost 50 transactions in 2021 alone.

Dan Austin
Renovation Domination. Value Add Expert. Puts up with Mike.

After 7 years in the Military, I went the traditional route of getting degree where I met Mike at University. My experience learning to manage people allowed me to excel as a professional engineer, and then continue to excel now managing the rapidly moving crews and projects we are always undertaking.

I take pride in being able to redevelop properties into their highest and best uses, even though that can sometimes lead to unconventional measures, adding bathrooms in unique places, adding square footage wherever we can, and optimizing even the most absurd floor plan to create peak marketability.

Our Podcast
The “Anti Real Estate Podcast” Real Estate Podcast

If you consume any volume of Real Estate Investing media, you know the formula by now. They have on some extremely high performer, thats doing things you cant even fathom, and then pretend like you’re not there just because youre not working hard enough. After a while you wonder if these people actually run a business or youre just THAT far out of the loop.

As guys who have legitimately built a wholesaling/flipping/investing operation from nothing and have built a repeatable system, we wanted to start this podcast as an “in the trenches” take on what its actually like to run an off market business. We tell off color stories, swear, deep dive into all the challenges and victories. It may not be for everyone, but if you want real talk about what this business is like then you will hear it here. If you want to be put down by an interview with another 22 year old kid who bought $50m in apartments using money from his dad’s rich friends then go check out Bigger Pockets.