Instant Investor –  7 Figure Investor Program











Instant Investor – 7 Figure Investor Program

12 Month Commitment.

$5,000/year ($2,000 savings)

if paid up front.


Financial Freedom doesn't have to take decades, we can get you there in 12 months!

We will teach out how to find Sellers Ready to Sell NOW for Below Market Value and how to Maximize Your Income with every opportunity that comes your way.


You’ll get access to short value-packed videos where we’ll walk you through the systems we use & what you need to set up to get started — no fluff or filler.

We cover everything from marketing, sales, different kinds of transactions (sub to, seller finance ect...), building teams/using VAs, and removing yourself so the business operates on autopilot.


Connect with and Learn From the nationwide investors making Life Changing Money as Real Estate Investors.

Additionally get coached directly by Mike & Dan who have done hundreds of deals and bought 10s of millions of real estate in the past couple of years all with the systems we set up in the course.


We give you the blueprint, but you put in the work. If you jump into the process you can be talking to motivated sellers within 2 weeks.

If you get lost along the way, you'll have a whole network of people to help keep you on track.

What Do You Get?

Everything You Will Need To Start Investing:

Instant Investor – 7 Figure Investor Course


Secure your next investment property at a lower price

Start talking to motivated sellers within 2 weeks

Get more bang for your buck from your marketing

Grow your income and net worth & change your family’s future



Module 1: Let's Get Ready To Rock!

Learn best practices to consistently get leads & stand out from competitors.

Module 2: Setting Up Your Base Systems

Set up your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for tracking leads. Including discounts on the systems to help get you started!

Module 3: Mastering Your Data

Optimize data to begin your marketing. Learn about 3 essential lists you MUST have and how to stack lists to find high value leads.

Module 4: Launching Your First Campaign

Learn best practices to consistently get leads & stand out from competitors.

Module 5: When The Phone Starts To Ring

Learn about how to talk to leads and determine seller motivation, plus 4 main seller archetypes and what approach to take with each of them.

Module 6: Running Appointments & Analyzing Deals

We’ll show you how to get the most out of an appointment & build rapport with sellers. You’ll also learn the best way to run comps & how to analyze deals to determine a profitable exit strategy.

Module 7: Lead Follow Up

Learn why lead follow up can set you apart from your competitors & effective strategies for following up with warm and cold leads.

Module 8: Making Your Offer & Closing Deals

Learn how to make an offer they won’t refuse and how to overcome objections to get your deals closed. Get an overview of a Purchase and Sale Agreement and learn what to look for in a Title and Escrow company.

Module 9: Becoming A List Ninja

Learn more advanced strategies for using marketing lists to find properties with motivated sellers ready to sell at big discounts.

Module 10: Building Your Brand

Start building your brand so you can stand out from the competition, appear more trustworthy & help sellers find you online.

Module 11: KPIs - Monitoring Your Business Efficiency And Success

Key performance indicators or KPIs are essential in measuring your organization's efforts in achieving its goals.

Module 12: Property Disposition

Jump into learning the different kinds of disposition and exit strategies.

Bonus 1: Advanced / Continued Marketing

Optimize your marketing system to be repeatable with limited monthly involvement.

Bonus 2: Advanced Sales / Negotiation Tactics

We'll cover what a sales negotiation is and why it's crucial to have a clear negotiation strategy and tactics.

Instant Investor – Jump Start Course




Part 1: Why Real Estate Investing?

Part 2: Preparing To Invest

Part 3: Types Of Real Estate

Part 4: Real Estate Strategies

Part 5: Finding Deals

Part 6: Analyzing A Deal

Part 7: Paying For A Deal

Part 8: Managing Your Investment

Part 9: Growing Your Portfolio

2 x Per Week – Group Coaching Calls



Mike and Dan are owners and operators of a 7-figure investment business based out of Spokane, WA, and operating in markets around the country.

In just 3 years, they have been able to create an 8-figure rental portfolio, completed 300+ deals, and have expanded nationwide with their off market investing business. All this while building a team that allows them to live a life of financial freedom.

You get a 2 x Per Week - Group Coaching Call to answer your questions or steer you in the right direction to achieve your full business potential.

Instant Investor Mastermind Community


We help you connect with like-minded individuals who are determined to be the best in business

The main purpose of our mastermind group is to help its members navigate the challenges and solve problems using their collective knowledge and experiences.

Access To All The Tools & Calculators We Use To Run Our Business

Deal Calculator

Take the guesswork out of making an offer – with just a few clicks.

Just plug in the numbers, and the tool will help you easily determine your starting & goal offer on any given property.

Renovation Calculator

Get an instant renovation cost estimate – with just a few clicks.

This calculator provides a quick and easy way to estimate the cost of your home renovation project.

Portfolio Tracker

Keep track of all your investments in real-time – with just a few clicks.

It helps owners keep track of monthly rent costs and property taxes, and it calculates the totals of any property-related expenses owed.

What People Say?

See Our Investors Reviews:

“I couldn’t believe how many opportunities I suddenly had”

Working with Mike and Dan in the Instant Investor Program literally kicked started my investing business faster than I ever imagined.

I knew basic real estate before and was doing a few deals here and there, but once I started working with them I couldn’t believe how many opportunities I suddenly had. I had to knuckle down and get serious quick.

In the first month I got 3 contracts including 2 wholesales and a new rental property at a huge discount. I can't recommend these guys enough.

– Jason

Pro Member

“The program has absolutely cut down on the learning curve in real estate investing tremendously”

I'm so glad I was able to cross paths with Dan and Mike!

The program has absolutely cut down on the learning curve in real estate investing tremendously.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the cash flow as I grow my portfolio!

– McKinney

7 Figure Investor Program

“I have been able to grow to a consistent revenue and get out of the intense daily grind”

Before meeting Mike and Dan I was really having trouble getting traction with my business and getting consistent deals. To make things worse I was working super long hours and still wasn't having consistent results.

After getting their system in place, I have been able to grow to consistent revenue and even hire an Acquisitions Manager to help me get out of the intense daily grind.

– William

Partnership Program

“Being part of the Collecting Keys Community led by Mike and Dan has given me practical and actionable insights to expand and grow as a real estate investor”

I have wanted to build out my own real estate marketing campaigns and funnel for a long time and this is the place to figure it out with real-time guidance through the weekly coaching calls and interaction with a supportive community of like-minded members.

Mike and Dan are the real deal and are in the trenches with all of us sharing their experience and genuinely care about the success of our group.


7 Figure Investor Program

I joined the Partnership Program and the Collecting Keys team is crushing it for me.

They have a system and process in place that are working great.

I am so glad that I signed up for the premium service.

This could end up being the best Real Estate investment I have ever made.

– Cass

Partnership Program

Video Reviews:




Otto Kinn

Instant Investor Pro Member



Eric Rice

Instant Investor Pro Member



Brian Sigmond

Instant Investor 7 Figure Investor



Kory Aspaas

Instant Investor 7 Figure Investor



Rylee Knox

Instant Investor Partner



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